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The stringy stuff is about as thick as a wool strand and its clear with a tiny black dot. 4 years ago. My new guppies had stringy white poop that I thought was internal parasites, but after being fed a proper diet the poop changed to normal, and it flaked … I have 8. and only feed them every 3 days, and make sure not to give them a lot. Should i treat the entire 60 with a parasite med? might even record a video of it giving birth. The gestation period for guppies is from 21-30 days (22-26 days is average) depending on the tank’s temperature, cleanliness, and the female’s health. is this a pregnancy thing or is it … Repeat the process few times, until you think they got enough food. Guppy breeders quickly learn to recognize the signs of a pregnant guppy, including significant weight gain and the darkening of the gravid spot near the anus under the tail. During the gestation period, the abdomen of the female platy will become enlarged and she will develop a dark spot on her belly, which signals that she’s pregnant. By changing water in your tank you will remove the toxins that are harmful for your guppy fish. But I have to confess that I've never really known what is meant by stringy poo A lot of my fish have poo that could be described as stringy but they've been like this for a while and have no other symptoms. Ich/White Spot Disease You can also add massive bio media which produces good bacteria. Guppy poo, and anomalous spot... 2/24/07 Hello, My female guppy frequently has a long thin something or other hanging behind her anal fin.It's usually pale in color and has a ropey look to it. These last few days, or last couple of weeks if your baby is late, may seem to speed by or drag out. Girthy Guppy - Pregnant or Problematic? ok well as i said i couldnt get … in lots of circumstances this … my first pregnant guppy i bought hasn't had her babies yet but she looks huge. stringy white poop from female guppy ... October 03, 2009, 11:49:56 PM » hello everyone. But still a filter is needed if you are planning to add more to an aquarium. — is in sight at 39 weeks pregnant. Your tank should be large enough to provide 1 gallon (3.8 L) of water for each guppy, so if you have 4 guppies, for example, you’ll need a 4 gallon (15 L) tank. First, let the bag sit in the fish tank water for about 15 minutes in order to bring the water temperature of the bag equal to the temperature of the fish tank. Answer Save. So, curing is mandatory. Most of my fish started acting happy again, but I did start noticing long stringy poop and them flashing on my plants. Other than Hexamita, some believe that Spironucleus which is known for causing hole … i know guppies gove birth to live young so i dont know what it is.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would suggest adding a sponge filter in aquarium because they do not suck fries & babies can eat the leftover food on the sponges. She looks quite plump, so she probably hasn't got long to go. Even after pooping you can still poop on the delivery bed. all she does is poop. IBS is a digestive disorder that affects the colon.. Avoid taking long routes home as you want to cause as little stress as you can to the fry. That is just where the photo is least defined. Relevance. Healthy bettas usually have regular bowel moments while others have abnormal-sized odd-colored poop. I have taken her out of the tank for now incase it's a parasite but Is this normal? Do Guppies Poop Before Giving Birth? guppy food is just too high in protein to be feeding it to goldfish fairly often . Looks almost like guts. She is very big and has that boxy look to her abdomen. 2 Answers. Provide 1 gallon (3.8 L) of water for each guppy. And i did see the guppy poop right before i moved him to the QT tank. For example, a diseased Guppy may affect healthy Tetra, Molly, or Platy. It looks like a fry's tail but i'm quite sure it isnt , so its neither Fry nor her Waste . So long as there is life there is hope. It's not the other typical worm I don't think, because it doesn't look like a "paint brush". Pregnant Guppies With White Stringy Poop. But constant inspection of poop can help you find any diseases your betta fish has, and poop is the first matter you should care about. guppy fish eat tons more meat based protein than goldfish, which suggests that guppy pellets have a way different nutritional makeup than Goldfish food. Goldfish can’t carry live babies inside their bodies, and therefore cannot classify as “pregnant” at any point in their lives. i have her in the net breed and she just seems to not want to give birth. These internal parasites could be either intestinal protozoa or intestinal worms. Lv 6. Substituting your goldfish’s regular good with guppy food are often done at the most once per week. Internal Parasites. Ive had a pregnant guppy for about 2 months, and she seems to still be pregnant. Among all intestinal protozoa, Hexamita is the most notorious cause of white poop in discus. My female guppy looks like she is pooping something pinkish. I am a first grade teacher who bought a fish tank with guppies for our class pets. This means that a female guppy can get pregnant several times from one fertilization process only. Like here stomach is huge! Guppy is a little specie & they do not create too much poop. In contrast, a female guppy will have a shorter anal fin that appears triangular in shape. What you want to watch out for is her 'squaring off'; her belly will develop distinct 'corners', especially at the front. Fish that sit at the bottom are pregnant. she looks like she can have her babies anytime soon All livebearers can keep their babies for as long as they can hold on to them for whatever reason. i notice the males chase her more than the other females. Male guppy looks pregnant. definately have a pregnant guppy will post pictures soon and keep everyone updated on the progress of the pregnancy. Im concerned, should i be? (assuming you have not been feeding white colored meals) inspite of the undeniable fact that, basically the undeniable fact that your fish has long poop is an illustration of an unbalanced nutrients plan and it looks like he has a case of constipation. She has been hanging around the bottom of the tank and hiding from the other fish for 3-4 days. This mucus may leave your body during a bowel movement.In many cases, mucus in … Common Guppy fish diseases and their Control. If your pregnant guppy has a white stringy poop hanging from its tail, it is very likely to be a parasite. You may find it silly to keep checking betta fish poop regularly. Hey well i have a pregnant guppy and she has some clear stringy stuff hangin out her bum.... i couldnt get very good photos so ive got the link for 1 of them. And it seem to take a long time for it to come out (Like stuck there) . In a male it is rolled into a long tube that the male uses to fertilize the female guppy internally. Be glad you are not a female guppy. BeastUnleashed. But, I've also noticed that today she has been … That can happen once new fish were introduced to the tank, or when the aquarium’s conditions have deteriorated. Even though Steve has the bright colors and big tail of a male guppy, the critical thing is that fin. Though guppies are small fish, they still require plenty of space for swimming. in lots of circumstances stringy poop is an illustration of a issue if this is white. Stringy poo is supposed to indicate internal infections or parasites. Fish that sit at the bottom – most of the time are actually doing so because they are not feeling well. More on this later. This is so helpful, thank you. should i leave her in the net or take her out? :P I got prazipro and general cure. I’ve been squinting at my guppys’ poop for far too long trying to decide whether I should be worried and honestly I didn’t think I should be based on how the fish are acting (normal, healthy, active, very very interested in the brine shrimp I just fed them) but when seemingly the entire internet is yelling “that means parasites” it was hard to relax. White poop is most times, a sign of some diseases or infection. The usual advice is that white stringy poo is a sign of something not right. Her gravid spot is huge and is a dark brown color. Once that happens, she should give birth within the next 24 hours or … The end — and a whole new beginning! When you reach home, do not immediately empty the fry carrying bag into your fish tank. That’s why we are showing six commonest diseases of Guppy fish and their symptoms, causes, and remedy so that you can save your Guppy fish. I started with prazipro, did a huge water change and dosed them, and it seemed way to strong because all of my fish were pouting and hanging out at the surface the next day. Looking at the bottom of my 60, i am noticing white poop. I've read an awful lot on guppies and feel that my pregnant female is ready to give birth. It can lead to thick mucus in the digestive tract. It is not anchor worms according to what I've read. do guppies poop while giving birth February 22, 2021 Uncategorized Uncategorized I have a very large tummy Albino Female Guppy that is going to give birth within about a few days (I think) and something weird is coming out from her , in betwwen her bottom front and back fin . They last ate yesterday. I read through all of the guppy FAQS but could not find a specific answer to the question I have. Is she new? This packet of sperms releases thousands of sperms and actually the female stores the unused sperms to impregnate herself later on. When a discus has long stringy poop, the first thing that comes to mind is Internal parasites. - 11/28/2005 Hello. You can write down the date your first notice the pregnancy spot, so you can … 1. The male guppy contacts briefly the female guppy for fertilization; he passes spermatophores (sperms) into the female. i've been told the female guppy i have is pregnant but today she has started pooing long stringy white poo's.anyone know why. I have a female guppy who has been pregnant for about 8 or 9 weeks (maybe longer) now and has not had any babies yet. 6 years ago. Whenever a pregnant guppy is pooping many times than the norm, most of the time, she will give birth in an hour's time though some female guppies start having high poops from the second week of pregnancy. Stringy white poop can be a sign of internal parasites, which may make the guppy seem pregnant, but it's just the parasites doing that.If it's actual pregnancy, check her vent, it should be pretty dark. Goldfish can get pregnant. Whenever a pregnant guppy is pooping many times than the norm, most of the time, she will give birth in an hour's time though some female guppies start having high poops from the second week of pregnancy.

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